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coffee grinder
random picture of my coffee-grinder-turned-non-functioning oven timer


When I was in high school, I had a journal that I carried with me. It wasn’t properly a journal, just a single-subject notebook with a gorilla destroying a football featured on the cover. I didn’t write my deepest, darkest thoughts in this journal. I wrote poetry, funny quotes that I heard (from my unsuspecting classmates), random thoughts that seemed deep to me at the time, and flash fiction.

This was the early 90s–and I was a writer in need of a purpose for writing, and having an audience, no matter how small, created that purpose for me. To that end, I found a handful of friends who served as my fan base.  They would read my journal, give me a little feedback, and that was it. But it was all I needed to keep me writing.

This website is to my 40-something self what that notebook was to Teen Sheila. It exists primarily as an excuse to keep me writing on an almost daily basis. Of course, if you go back and look at the posts (and their dates), you’ll see I don’t always meet that goal. Sometimes I go for stretches of time without writing, and I think that’s okay, so long as I eventually come back to it.

You’re invited to write with me. Sometimes I’ll give you assignments that you’ll either do or ignore–and that, too, is okay, so long as you find something that keeps you writing, some reason or purpose or audience.

Welcome to my journal. I hope you enjoy it.