Cold Rain Haiku

It’s cold and rainy here. The goats are tucked away in their barns. The chickens are closed up in their coop. My poor dog is suffering the indignity of wearing a hoodie (it’s black and says “security” in white lettering across the back).

Perfect weather for a haiku? How about three haikus that form a series? I think so. And that, dear friend, is your assignment. (Quick review: a haiku is a three-line Japanese poem. The first line has five syllables, the middle line has seven, and the last line has five.)

Chapter One

This rain reminds me

I’m in love with the desert,

Old, dry tumbleweeds.

Chapter Two

Tucked inside their barns

The goats huddle together,

Rivalries on hold.

Chapter Three

Cold rain pouring down,

All icy slick by morning,

Makes my house seem warm.


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